It was just this past birthday I told my dear friend how I wanted to learn how to draw better.  I never really learned growing up.  Particularly difficult for me of course is learning how to draw people, especially body parts.  So for my birthday she gave me a Manikin Man and challenged me to draw 1 a day in my sketchbook.  Sometimes I need that kind of challenge to really get me going.  Is anyone else like that?  So I decided March was going to be the my Manikin March sketching month challenge.  This is just a challenge for myself but if you would like to join in feel free.  I am a believer in encouragement and support.  I will be using the #31daysManikinMarch on Instagram.  I am just going to change the position of the manikin each day and hopefully make it through to the end of March.  Support is greatly appreciated.  I am learning how to draw because it is something I have always wanted to learn but as with anything practice, practice, practice which means devoting valuable time and effort to said endeavour.  What is something you have always wanted to learn?

Here are my permission slips for learning how to draw.


My first drawing: Day 1

Drawing the feet on the bottom were a bit of a problem.  Don’t like them.

Day 2

As you can probably tell, I used my eraser a lot and the one arm should be further away from the body.  It is a start though.

I’m going to try updating once a week.  I am attempting to do this in between editing my children’s book, preparing queries, staying on top of my writing goals as well as wrangling my 3 kids.  The sketches are meant to be a fun, maybe 10-15 minutes activity.  So stay tuned for more Manikin March.  If you are interested I can be found on Instagram here.

Cheers and Happy Sketching,