Breathe in Spring Poem and Free Printable
We have had an unbelievably warm winter so I can’t really complain too much.  Most of our snow was gone and everything was looking more like early spring with its slushy parks, brown grass not yet green, and bare trees waiting to bud in warmer weather.  Alas March 20, 2015 the first day of spring does not look like the first day of spring.  The view from my window this morning.  Again out come the winter boots, mittens, and toques.


Inside my house and mind though I have started the spring cleaning and reorganizing that usually happens for me this time of the year.  The change of seasons gives me a renewed energy to tackle projects and decluttering.  I better take advantage while I have it.
I wrote a poem to try and capture my thoughts:
Breathe in Spring
         by Bonnie Dani
Take a breath in Spring
just like the Bluejay sings
Take a breath in Spring
to awaken the seeds inside
that will bloom and grow
into beautiful and wondrous things.
Breathe in Spring
Slow and steady it will come
to renew us, to rejuvenate us,
to bring its energy to make everything new
Breathe in Spring and
Sing as the Bluejay sings.



How do you feel about spring?  How do you approach it?  Any new projects or massive spring cleaning planned?  I’m currently tackling my family’s command centre which is where I have this printable.  The printable was created using PicMonkey.  If you liked the poem or printable please feel free to pin it and share it.  Printable is for personal use only and please don’t reprint poem without written consent from me and please link back to my post.  I can also be found on TwitterPinterest, and Facebook.
Cheers as always, and breathe in spring,
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