Dryer ball Art



Sometimes I get weird ideas.  Like this time when I thought hmmm, wonder what kind of art my kids could make with all my extra dryer balls.  Kids art with dryer balls became our next crazy art experiment.


  • Dryer Balls
  • Paint
  • Paper plates for holding paint colours and rolling the dryer balls in
  • Paper (I used black chalk board paper and white)

They were easy to wash afterwards as well but you might not want to reuse those dryer balls that have the sponges inside of them (Big Green One).  I was going to throw it away but instead it gets to be used in our art activity.  The smaller blue ones were throughly washed and dried and could be reused again in my dryer if I wanted.

Dryer Ball Art with kids

My daughter chose a white piece of paper and a small blue dryer ball and of course pink glitter paint.
First, she rolled the dryer ball in the paint.

dryer ball art

Then she tried rolling the ball over the paper.

She also tried a stamping type of mark or as in the other photo my daughter tried scratching into existing paint colours.  So many options for them to see what they might do.


dryer art craft
Dryer ball art 10Here is her finished piece.  See the cool mark making she also did using the dryer ball.
Here is a bigger dryer ball which creates different marks.  Just rolling this ball over the paper gives it a cool effect.

dryer ball craft


Dryer Ball Art 7


My son didn’t want to use the dryer balls so I just gave him some glitter glue and pastels on black chalk board paper and this became his Fireworks Picture.

dryer ball art 8


dryer ball art 9

It is amazing what can be found in your house and used to make art.  Have you tried anything new and exciting with found objects in your house?  I would love to hear about it.  If you liked this post you might also like these other art activities I have done:


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Cheers and Happy Art Making,
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