My blog is about a year and half years old.  My second anniversary will be at the end of May.  I have never created any goals with my blog.  I have been content just to learn as I go.  Let me tell you a story.  Way back, yup, way back when I was in grade 9 I decided to take a keyboarding course.  I don’t know why my school called it a keyboarding course at the time as the classroom was still occupied by those old click and tap typewriters.  And I’m really not that old.  So I began learning how to type to the old sounds of clicking and taping.  Then half way through the course those relics were replaced with computers.  Big monitors and large keyboards.  I wish I had a picture.  I was in grade 9 in 1991-92.  Yikes!  Since that time I have always had to keep up with the computer age where as my kids are just immersed in it.  Will they even need to learn how to type?  I often wonder.  As I went through university I was fortunate to begin with at least a word processor with a very mini screen, again I wish I had a picture.  Then eventually a computer of my own.  I would take this computer with me as I began my teaching career.  I remember sitting for hours creating worksheets, lecture notes and activities with the early beginnings of clip art and internet research.  Sorry, I have digressed.  All of this was just to say that since I have not been teaching in the classroom for the last 6 years I want to stay current.  So I have been using my blog to learn how to create, write and design again.

I thought the new year was a great time to write some blogging goals.  Most of my goals will have to do with learning the craft.  Although, as I learn the craft I can also see the benefits in page views and interaction with my blog posts which any blogger knows is very exciting.  People have actually read what I wrote.  Amazing!

Here are my Big 3 for the year 2015:

1.  Increase the number of subscribers to the blog.

I currently sit at 1.  As I said, I haven’t yet focused on this part yet I’m still wondering if its necessary.  Perhaps I will have to access the knowledge of more experienced bloggers and ask about its importance.  Then I will have to create a game plan to make that happen.

2.  Write more consistently.

If you have wandered through my posts you will see that I write on a variety of topics and not consistently.  I would like to begin to always write certain posts on set days.    I hoping to start a writing practice post as well.  You will have to watch for it.  It is on the goal list for January.

3.  Learn how to run my own link-up or blog hop.

I have been participating in link-ups and blog hops and I have noticed how it does increase traffic to the site.  I would love to learn how to create and run my own.

My January Goals:

1.  Begin my writing practice posts.

2.  Write at least 8 posts.  2 a week.

3.  Design a blog button.

Here are pictures of the Free Printable I created to write all my goals down.  It isn’t very fancy but I will make it my own over the course of the year with doodles, stickers and probably crafting tape.  If you would like a copy of your own just click on the link at the bottom and it should take you to the pdf file that you can print out at home.

Free Blogging Goals Printable

Cheers and Happy Blogging in 2015,

Another goal is to try to create my own social media icons.edbadge_Featured

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Social Media Icon Flowers
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Adalinc to Life Logo