Well 2014 is winding down and time to reflect about the year of blogging.  At the start of last year I was still not managing a lot of posts per month.  In February, I only managed 1.  But as I started to approach the 1 year anniversary of my blog at the end of May I started to pick up steam and post at least 5 posts a month.  I also started to participate in blog hops and social media hops which help me improve my reach.  I have not set blogging goals yet for the new year but here is a summary of what was hot on my site over the last year.

most popular blog posts on Adalinc to Life in 2014

Number 6DIY Inspirational Phrase Blocks

Simple craft that kids can easily help make to decorate for seasonal inspiration or just for everyday life.simple diy craft

Number 5Popular Board Books in our House

These have been the most popular board books in my house over the last 5 years.

Adalinc to Life

Children’s Board Books

 slow down ban busy
This is a post I did as a part of the Banbusy Challenge from Shawn Fink of The Abundant Mama Project where mamas and papas are encouraged to slow down and reconnect to themselves and their families.
 Tiara Organizer
I had this brown wicker basket that needed a new home so it became my daughter’s new doll container and tiara/headband holder.
 Adalinc to Life
This is a collection of Rainforest books that my son and I used to do his kindergarten project studying rain forests.
And NUMBER 1 IN 2014 WASMinon Alphabet, Sight Word and Spelling
 Minion Literacy Activities
My kids and I turned leftover pudding/jello cups into minions, added some letters on the back and then they had lots of fun learning the alphabet, spelling or sight words.
I have been blogging for about a year and a half now and I love it more and more.  It challenges me to create, connect and to write.  Let me know which post was your favourite.  I will also do a post of my top book review posts of 2014 as well as I started to do more of them and have more fun with them.
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