Adalinc to Life
1st Year Blogiversary

Wow!  1 year already.  I can honestly say that I lasted longer then I thought.  I really didn’t have any expectations when I started other than I knew there would be a lot to learn and to not get frustrated.  Blogging can be fun, creative and a great connection maker but it could also be a huge time drain between creating your content and trying to get your post out there for people to see and connect with in some way.  For me I have found that blogging has replaced one of my creative outlets I miss from being a classroom teacher.  I would spend oodles of time creating new lessons and activities for my classes and I loved it.  As I was staying at home I haven’t done that now for a while and this gives me an outlet to explore ideas and create. 

 I look forward to continuing my learning process so as in the words of Abraham Lincoln

“I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards.”

Number 1: You have to Enjoy it

Enjoy the writing, creating of content and the connections you can make with others.  The majority of people in the blogging world are friendly, helpful and love connecting.  It is not robots writing the content, there are real life humans with feelings and emotions and I think that is important to remember as well.

Number 2:  How to get noticed 

You have to share your posts if you want more exposure.  It’s best to share to multiple sites if possible.  My top ones are Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  There are numerous others but people only have so much time so choose 2-3 you think you can handle and focus on building your community with them.  It is important not to just link drop in any of your communities but to engage, interact, connect and share others content as well.  I have heard many times in the blogging world that sharing is caring.  And if someone does share your content then it is polite to thank them for doing so.

Number 3: Photos, Photos, Photos

Adalinc to Life
Today We Play

Just from my own experience with Pinterest I knew that I am attracted to the photo pinned and then I click and head over to the blog.  And it was the photo that gets pinned.  Each blog post should have a photo to accompany it and more within dispersed throughout the posts.  One photo should be like a summary of what the post is about.  That takes some photo editing work.  So you will have to learn how to photo edit either your own photos or a free image.  There are a few places to get images for your blog but I have never tried this yet so I don’t feel knowledgeable enough to direct you.  I take all my own photos and I have learned how to edit them.  On the computer the one I use is Pic Monkey.  The image at the beginning of the post is one I created with Pic Monkey.  My other photos are usually taken with my iphone and edited with editing apps on my phone.  Amazing what technology can do these days. The above picture is the one I used in my Today We Play Post.

Number 4:  #Hashtags

Within the Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ communities you will see people place the pound symbol # also know as the hashtag in their posts.  You can search topics based on the hashtags.  So for instance if you were looking for recipes for your crock pot you would use this #crockpotrecipes  and then you would see anything others posted to the same hashtag.  I also use the #kidlit to search for children’s literature and recently I have been following the #banbusy to follow other people interested in slowing down as a family.  Here is a list of other popular #hashtags:

#playmatters  #outdoorplay #kidsartprojects #earlyliteracy #kinders  #booksforboys  #amreading
#creativity      #artmatters   #kidsactivities    #sightwords   #readeveryday   #motherhood #amwriting

There are many, many more.  If you know of a # that I might be interested in please leave me a quick note in the comments.

Number 5: The Importance of Social Networks


When I first started a year ago most social networks were new to me.  I had been only on Facebook to keep in contact with family, high school friends and university friends.  First, I dived into Twitter.  In the land of Twitter engagement and forming connections is key.  People love to connect, ask them a question, comment or share a tweet you like.  I am amazed at some of the people I have tweeted and have tweeted back: authors, singers, child experts, teachers from around the world, organizations.  I was also in awe that one could win prizes by tweeting by participating in twitter parties.  I quite enjoy Twitter and you can often find me there.

Come tweet with me


Then I opened up an Instagram account and again I fell in love with this network. It is like the behind the scenes of the blogging world.  It has also helped me practise my artistic side.  I’m not a photographer but I love snapping shots and now I’m always looking for creative shots.  I have also been using a lot of my Instagram shots in my blog posts.  Like this one:

Adalinc to Life
Grow and Bloom

This is a shot of a daffodil blooming in my front yard and photo edited with the Rhonna Designs App  Since I’m new to snapping photos I’m also new to photo editing and sometimes I am photo editing happy, too happy.  I love learning though.  If you like this photo you can find more on my Instagram account. 

Join me on Instagram


I joined when I began my blog and it was easy as they are connected together.  None of my friends are on google+ but it didn’t matter as I was able to engage and again connect with so many new people.  I found it very easy to learn and navigate.  And the circles idea makes it easy to create a community of like minded individuals.  I have 1 circle for Fabulous Mamas on Google+ and an Education circle and an Interesting People circle.  Join me

I started pinning in 2012.  Just for me personally. It can be very addicting but totally great for idea collecting.  I have over 6K pins now.  Recently, I realized I have to unclutter, clean up and reorganize my boards.  Have you had to do that?  If you have I would love to hear how you did it.  Please leave me note in the comments.

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I just began my Facebook fan page for my site and now I understand everyone’s frustration.  It was much easier for me to gain traction on Twitter and Google+.  But if you have plans of gaining sponsorships then you need a Facebook page.  I’m still learning that one.  Big learning curve!  If you have any tips I would love to hear them. 

Adalinc to Life on Facebook

There is so much to learn while blogging and it seems to change all the time.  I have a few goals for my next year which I have learned can be the topic of another post. 

Cheers Everyone and Happy Blogging,

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