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Lady with the Alligator Purse Sing A Long and Craft
This little gem was a library discover. Love the library!  When I heard the tune to this book I realized I had heard it before.  At my children’s swimming lessons they always sing this song “I had a Tiny Turtle, He is name was Tiny Tim, I put him in the bath water to see if he could swim.”  It is the same tune for this sing-a-long.  You can hear me singing the tune so you can get the idea at the link below.  It is just to get the idea but I probably sound like an alligator singing.

Supplies we used for making the purse:
Sturdy paper plate (I didn’t use styrofoam plate but a harder cardboard type). Leftover from Christmas
Pipe Cleaners
Glitter Glue
Stickers/Foam Stickers
Washi/decorating tape
First, Miss Ballerina chose her purse handles from available pipe cleaners.  Then I folded the plate in half and then I poked 2 holes on each side to thread the pipe cleaners through and twisted them around and made sure the sharpe point was tucked away.


Then Miss Ballerina began decorating


Here is her creation

This is how she wanted to pose with her new purse.

She kept saying ‘Cool’ and we had to get dressed and she had to show all the ladies at her papa’s work her purse.
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