simple minion party cupcakes





Simple Minion Party Cupcakes

I have tried a lot of different things from Pinterest from crafts, dinner meals and kids cake ideas.  I am not an experienced cake maker.  What do I mean by that?  The minute I had a child I thought my mom used to always make us fancy cakes when I was young and so I wanted to carry on the tradition.  However, I’m not a detail focused individual, or extremely well planned out either.  So when my son Mr. Black Licorice said he wanted a minion cake for his 7th birthday I turned to Pinterest to find inspiration.  And inspiration I did find!  I found how to make these from the site From Orlando Informer (update: the link is no longer available)

All you need is some key ingredients and they are easy and fast to make and kid approved.

Ingredients I used:

1.  Vanilla cake mix
2.  2 Box of Twinkies (will need to do 24 cupcakes)
3.  Rocket Candies for the eyes
4.  Black Icing pen for mouth, eyes, and glasses
5.  Chocolate Sprinkles for hair
6.   Wilton Buttercream Icing

Step 1:  Made vanilla cake mix per instructions for 24 cupcakes.

Step 2:  Cut the Twinkies in half and use black gel writing icing to fix the rocket candies on the Twinkies and to add the mouth and glasses.

Plain black is what I used in the picture below but I have also used the sparkle gel as well.

For the hair just place as many chocolate sprinkles in the top of the Twinkie as desired.
They will look something like this:
Step 3: Once cupcakes have cooled you can ice them.  I made 1 batch of the Wilton Buttercream Icing from above for 24 cupcakes.  I added blue dye but you can do whatever you want really.
Step 4: Fix the finished minion Twinkies onto the cupcakes.  And viola!
If you enjoyed this post please share it.  Any other fast, simple kids cake ideas please feel free to share them with me too.  You can find me on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.