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Tap the Magic Tree

Well ,my family and I have discovered Tap the Magic Tree by Christine Matheson and just in time for Autumn when all the leaves are falling to the ground.  This is a wonderfully engaging picture book that will ask kids to tap, wiggle, shake, rub and clap the tree through the different seasons.  The simplicity of the words and illustrations are sheer magic and will have your kids actively involved in the reading process. As they tap, wiggle, shake, rub or clap they will learn about how the tree changes for each season.  If your kids are like mine you will be rereading this one many times.  This book would be a delightful addition to a fall collection of books for kids.

Share with me your great fall finds for books in the comments.

tap magic tree

There are my gorgeous trees in my backyard which I’m so grateful have turned red this Autumn. Last year the temperature dropped so quickly that the leaves didn’t have a chance to turn all of their glorious colours but this year we are blessed with the various hues of red.

My kids love leaves so you can also check out this art project we did with leaves or the fall subway art printable I made to decorate my home to keep us inspired during Autumn.

I find books so inspiring and love sharing my love of books with my kids and readers. I would love to hear about your latest great find so please share with me in the comments.  Lets find great books together.  You can also check out my Book Inspiration for Kids Board on Pinterest or follow me on Instagram.


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