DIY Craft Storage & Organization for Foam Stickers

Foam Storage pic

DIY Craft Storage and Organization for Foam Stickers Today I’m tackling a storage and organization issue in my craft/art area.  If you are a mom of kids I’m sure you have had the joy of containers of foam stickers. There are benefits to using foam stickers in your child’s craft project such as developing their … Read more

How to Create Your Own Glitter Text Printable Using PicMonkey

How to Create Your Own Glitter Text Printable Using PicMonkey

HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN GLITTER TEXT PRINTABLE USING PICMONKEY +FREEBIE FRIDAY For today’s post I thought I would give you a glimpse into how I have been learning how to create your own glitter text printable using PicMonkey.  I do not come from a graphic design background and so there may be way better … Read more

Simple Ways to Shake Your World & Freebie Friday

simple ways to shake the world 2

SIMPLE WAYS TO SHAKE YOUR WORLD AND FREEBIE FRIDAY June has always been a month of completion and looking ahead for me.  My years were always determined by the school years.  Beginnings in September, and endings in June.  Of course that continued while in University.  September was new beginnings and April was completion.  Then I … Read more

Summer Planning With Kids + Freebie Friday Printable

Summer Planning with kids 4

SUMMER PLANNING WITH KIDS + FREEBIE FRIDAY PRINTABLE As the school year winds down as a stay at home mom I am busy preparing and planning what my family (mainly kids) will be kept busy with each day.  My kids and I are sometimes at odds with what we will do during our summer days. … Read more

June Goals and Summer Plans

June Goals and Summer Plans

JUNE GOALS AND SUMMER PLANS Well, here it is June knocking on our door.  Summer vacation doesn’t start here in Alberta until July so it is the tough slog of making it to the end of the school year even though kids just don’t wanna anymore.  I don’t blame them though, I too, start to … Read more