Bust Boredom on Road Trips with Lonely Planet Kids

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Bust Boredom 7

This is one of those; when I was kid beginnings.  When I was kid, my sister and I, would pile into my parents Bronco or Suburban with a few books and our imaginations and head out for our annual 12 hour summer road trip from Northern BC to Kelowna to visit my grandparents. When I was older I actually had a walkman to listen to music. How did we bust boredom while driving otherwise? I remember singing and staring out the window counting how many cars we passed or just attempting to sleep or pester each other. I would suspect it was mostly the latter. It must of been so much fun for my mom and dad!  I know better now.

My kids have only once had to endure a long road trip when they were small, 5, 3, and 1. I broke the road trip into smaller chunks.  Our current vehicles do not have a Dvd player, and with 3 kids they do not have iPads or anything else electronic to keep them busy on the road.  I usually pack activity books, sticker books, colouring books and reading/comic books as well as a handy supply of snacks and a drink.

Boredom Buster 7

Our latest road trip was only about 5 1/2 hours in length.  We were travelling from Edmonton, Alberta to Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia.  Radium is only an hour and half from Banff and we travel the 4 hours to Banff all the time.  My kids should be able to handle an extra hour and half, right?

Radium shot with watermark

As with most trips, as soon as we are just outside the city limits or buildings my kids recognize, the dreaded phrases begin to be uttered “Are we there yet?”  or “How long until we are there?”  Groan, really, stop asking.

This trip, however, we brought Boredom Buster: Games for the Road from Lonely Planet Kids because anything to keep them busy while we drive the more sane mama and papa will be when we arrive.

The book is full of games, challenges and activities that do not require much at all.  No pieces to lose.  That is a bonus in my book.  The book even acts as its own dice for games requiring dice.  See photo.

Boredom buster 3

This book though is definitely geared towards kids that can read.  There is code type games, travel teasers, memory games, word games, hand games and traditional tic-tac-toe and so much more perfect for my 9, 7 and 5 year old.

For younger kids the travel bingo games would work well for them.

Boredom buster 5

For the majority of our trip my kids were kept busy taking turns (I was amazed at this) playing the Acting Up game.  There was so much giggling going on.

Boredom Buster 6

Boredom Buster 2

This book will mean less screen time but it will definitely increase the memories created while traveling.  Bust boredom with Lonely Planet Kids on airplanes and trains and the quieter games would be great in restaurants while waiting for food to arrive.  How about if you are traveling where there is no WIFI?  No problem, bring this book along to keep everyone busy thus making it one of the best boredom books to take on a road trip.

*Disclosure:  I was given this book by Raincoast Books to review.  You can read my full Disclosure Policy Here*

More traveling fun with Lonely Planet Kids check out my Adventure Around the Globe review. (please note the giveaway with that post ended last year) but you can still check out the review.

How are your road trips with kids?  Any tips or tricks, please share them in the comments.  I will be posting soon about our summer road trip to Radium Hot Springs.  Have you ever been there? Consider signing up for my blog posts so you don’t miss any of the book reviews, giveaways, and more at Adalinc to Life.  Sign up is at bottom of post.

Want some more boredom busters for trips?

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DIY Pokemon Balls to Create Your Own Pokemon Go Game

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DIY Pokemon Balls

This summer will be known as the summer of Pokemon Go.  Have your kids been begging you to play?  Mine have, only we can’t really play because their parents still don’t have anything higher than a iPhone 4.  And for some reason still unknown to me my location services on my phone has not worked for awhile now.  We do have an Ipad but no internet connection outside our house.   They can not play the actual Pokemon Go game properly. What is a mama to do?  It may not be as fun or maybe it is but it is creative.  We created our own Pokemon balls left over from balls when had purchased for a ball pit when the boys were toddlers.  The kids found Pokemon figures from their stash of toys.

Box of Balls

I went scrounging around and pulled out all the red balls we could find.  I like to reuse items I have on hand already.  If you remember or if you are new I also created Minions from pudding cups/jello cups and created some early literacy activities as well.  No literacy activities yet with this one just plain old fun.

What you will need:

DIY Pokemon Balls let's make them 3



DIY Pokemon Balls 2



DIY Pokemon Balls 3

I did also add a layer of Mod Podge Matte Finish to seal the paint but not entirely sure how they will hold up to the active play of the kids. We will find out.

I know I’m holding the ball the wrong way as Mr. Yoda informed me.  Sorry!  Red should be on top.

DIY Pokemon Balls 4

Check out the Youtube video of them on their own Pokemon Go Hunt in our house and how we made these easy DIY Pokemon Balls.

Want to see how we made the Minions – just click the link below to see that post.

Minion Literacy Activities 

Minion Literacy Activities

Gotta catch them all,

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Bonnie Dani

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August Goals and Desktop Wallpaper to Inspire You

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Blog August Goals Pic

I’m the type of person that likes visual reminders of my goals.  Sometimes we have to be the person that keeps our dreams or goals right in front of our eyes, right?  Have you been completing goals and action plans?  In January I began writing my big 5 goals on these printables.  If you would like access to this goal setting package consider subscribing to my Newsletter and you will receive them every month to kick off your month outlining your goals and the actions you will take to bring them to life. Here is the package for August.  I have to admit my July was just way too pack that I gave everything a break.  It’s ok to do that too!

August Big 5 Goals Sheetblogging stats monthly tracker

put your goals into action planning sheet









Summer is still in full swing here and I have all 3 of my kids at home so I’m just going to limit my goals this month to thinking and researching.

The main thing I’m pondering this month is whether to do a blog redesign as my one year renewal is coming fast in September.  Wow!  One year on WordPress. One year trying to learn more about blogging as a business. I guess that is another blog post. I continue to enjoy the overall blogging experience and will continue to encourage others and grow.

Whether your goals are for writing, creating, blogging, personal, fitness, or career we could all use a little encouragement. Having said that here is a free August Desk Wallpaper for you to put on your computer to enjoy and hopefully remind you that ‘Your Dreams Are Worth it’ too.

Click the image download

August WP2


  1. Research Blog Redesign Possibilities

I’m only listing one BIG goal this month, well, at least its big for me.  If I do try an attempt a blog redesign I will likely be doing everything myself as I don’t have the extra money to hire a designer and someone to make sure the change is successful.  There are a lot of considerations. If anyone has done this, any advice would be great and much appreciated.

You might be asking why a blog redesign? Well, I get bored easy of the same thing and I have had this set up for a year now. I’m ready to freshen it up a bit.  I began blogging as a hobby 3 years ago and ready to try and propel this blog forward.  Each year now I would like to see some growth and change.  As a teacher I would complete professional growth plans and this feels similar to me.  How can I take what I have learned to benefit or teach others?  At the heart of everything that is me, I love to share knowledge and learn.

Stay tuned for more on my process of my blog redesign or one day you might just pop in and there will be a change.  For the month of August my new newsletter subscribers will get the goals package as seen above plus I have been creating 1 page sticker sheet to also use in our planners each month.  August newsletter has already gone out so the next goals package will be for September, but this sticker pdf you can receive right away.  I usually print the pdf out at home on Avery sticker paper and cut with scissors.  If you subscribe and would prefer a Silhouette Print and Cut file I can send that as well but you would have to let me know.

Random Happy Planner Boxes 1 2 with watermark

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Educator, Writer, Blogger, Mom

Contact Me: bonniedani@adalinc.org


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